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Happy Couple

Patient Insights

I wish I had known sooner that acupuncture helps with sciatica. RaeAnn has helped to reduce the pain and I'm able to move freely without fear of triggering the pain.

Nancy S. 


Happy Woman

Melinda D.

I was desperate for relief for unbearable pelvic pain when I was 37 weeks pregnant. RaeAnn was straightforward, explaining it was likely structural because of the baby and might not improve. We were both pleasantly surprised when I was able to sit up and walk with less pain. I was grateful for her honesty and have continued acupuncture for postpartum care. 


Debra J.

RaeAnn does the best facial rejuvenation! I hardly feel the needles and I get the best results, better than Botox!


Cindy W.

I tried acupuncture for my fibromyalgia because nothing else helps. My symptoms have reduced and my depression has also decreased. I didn't know could both could be helped with acupuncture. Life is less overwhelming now.

Jim S.

My knee pain is so much more manageable since starting acupuncture. I can move easier, enjoy my grandkids and get out in the surf once in a while. RaeAnn is warm and kind and we always have the most interesting things to chat about.

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